Hey Everyone and welcome to another episode of the HealFast Health and Wellness series.

Today I wanted to discuss the power of protein! Perhaps you already know that protein is crucial to everyday life and to feeding those growing muscles. But to reinforce that with a tad of science I figured I would post this video.

This video was precipitated by a guy I saw in my local gym lifting large weights and simultaneously chugging one of the largest shake bottles I have ever seen. While this may seen to be a stereotypical sight at the gym, it is actually more accurate to speak on how undervalued nutrition is in healthcare even amongst athletes and and health professionals.

In fact, most people associate a good protein shake or supplement with a work out routine but fail to discuss its implications with surgery and/or other wound healing situations such as an accidental injury. Protein is an incredibly important ingredient after a surgery or injury where your Basal Metabolic rate (the amount of calories you burn in a day) increases 15-50%.

This is a huge amount and you cannot recover quickly by remaining sedentary eating cheerios on the couch, no you require proper nutrition to help the body heal faster. In fact, you need about a gram of protein per pound of body weight every 24 hours to help with recovery from an injury. This is a significant amount! Maybe as much as what the guy at the gym chugged in front of me.

Protein not only helps speed up your wound healing but it also helps in other areas that we will be touching on in some future posts. So stay tuned!

If you liked our video and want to comment or post questions you would like our doctors to answer, feel free to do so below! Don't forget to follow our blog channel and like us on Facebook and Twitter for new updates!

As always, until next time stay informed and be healthy!

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The HealFast team is comprised of physicians who know that healthcare is more than “just a job”, it’s personal. When our family members required surgical intervention, the support program that resulted from their needs laid the foundation for the HealFast Surgical and Injury Recovery Program.


Today, HealFast continues to carry the mission of providing highly quality nutritional supplements created with ingredients clinicians recommend, that are backed by science, for various clinical uses. 

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